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Junior Golf Clubs Consignment

Have a set of junior clubs that are too little or in need of a bigger set?



Most parents think that if they buy a set of clubs for their junior golfers they need to be a little big and "they will grow into them" in the next year.  Well, this shouldn't be the norm.  Junior golfers need to have the correct fitted equipment just like adults.  Juniors playing with clubs that are too short, too long, too light, or too heavy are prone to many swing flaws because their bodies adjust to the wrong equipment.  They need to use equipment that supports the correct swing fundamentals.



The Golf Studio brings an avenue to make it easier and more affordable for parents to provide the right equipment for our junior golfers!


Steps to follow:

1.  Bring the junior set or individual clubs to The Golf Studio and drop them off to Julee or Erik

2.  Clubs will be given a fair selling price by The Golf Studio and a picture and information will be posted on the website.

3.  If the clubs are purchased, the seller will receive 75% of the selling price via a check or a trade for another set of junior club on the site.


*The Golf Studio is always looking for donated junior clubs.  Some juniors taking private or group instruction, need clubs to use while they are learning.  The Golf Studio will provide necessary documentation for each donation.*


EXAMPLE:                                                            Cost New         Consignment Cost

                                                                            $159.99              $59.99

     Slightly Used Walter Hagan Jr Set (Yellow)

Includes: Carry Bag, Putter, Driver, Fairway, 7 iron, and 9 iron 


SOLD                                                      $399.99                  $150

       Used for 1.5 years US Kids Jr 54 Tour Series Graphite Set (Purple)

Includes:  Driver, 3-wood, 4 Hybrid, 5-iron-PW, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, and bag



SOLD                                                        $409.99                 $200

       Used for 1 year US Kids Jr 57 Tour Series Steel Shafted Set (Green)

Includes: 3 Wood (Graphite), 4 Hybrid (Graphite), 5-iron-PW, Sand Wedge, and Red Bag          

SOLD                                                        $129.99                $75   

     Slightly used US Kids Jr Ultralight 45 Graphite Shafted Set (Girls' Purple)              

Includes: Fairway Driver, 6-iron, 8-iron, PW, Putter, and Stand Bag