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At The Golf Studio at NorthStone, our certified club-fitting experts will assist you in getting into the proper equipment for YOU.


Club Fitting Pricing

All fittings are scheduled for and completed by Erik Herberth


Partial Fit

Driver / Woods / Hybrids / Irons / Wedges / Putter

(60 Minute Session)



Full Fit

Mutiple Club Fit

(120 Minute Session)



The only problem with being fit by our professional staff is, you won't be able to blame it on the equipment anymore!


An often-overlooked aspect of the game of golf is properly fit equipment. The use of equipment with improper loft/lie, grip size, length of club, shaft flex, and head design, can drastically affect accuracy, distance, and consistency. Many golfers are able to make significant strides with both the proper instruction and properly fit equipment.


There are a number of reasons why its important to have your clubs properly fit to your golf game. Clubs that are too long or too short can cause you to make poor compensations in your posture, which, in turn, may result in many bad swing habits. The flex of the shaft and lie angle directly influence the distance and direction in which the golf ball travels. For instance, a shaft that is too flexible can result in many shots being "pushed", or to miss right for a right-handed golfer. Improper lie angles can also result in poor direction in the golf shot pattern. A grip that is too small or too large can affect the way your hands work during the swing. Another important factor is the actual design of the golf club. If you play with a club that is not designed for your level of play, it will be very difficult to produce a consistent shot pattern. Let's put it this way. When we go to the store to buy clothes, everyone one of us buys different sizes, different fits, and different colors. This is the way that we must approach golf club fitting.