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U.S. Kids Golf explains it best:


Clubs should not be a part of the problem as juniors learn. The right clubs will help develop proper swing plane, power and balance. Most importantly, players using the right set of clubs will develop swing speed and a tour like tempo at a young age that will be maintained as they grow.


"Kids should grow out of their clubs, not into them." 

Julee Herberth, Owner/Director of Instruction at The Golf Studio

     U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach (Since May 2017)


Erik Herberth, Owner/Teaching Professional at The Golf Studio

     U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach (Since May 2017)


Properly Fit Junior Equipment

Club Fitting Research by U.S. Kids Golf:

Maximum Driver Length = Player Height x 66.7% 

Is your junior golfer using a driver that's 2/3 his/her height?

Most likely, NO. 

Club length is just one component of truly progressive fitting. As the player grows into a larger set of clubs the length, weight, shaft flex, lie angle and grip size should all be in proportion to the players previous set of clubs. This allows the player to develop a fundamentally consistent swing through the developing ages to adulthood.

Please email us today for more information on getting your junior golfer fit for the CORRECT equipment :)

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